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Prep Center rates and Prep Services Pricing
No minimum or maximum items, and no subscription fees.
A One Time Sign Up Fee of $100 will be assessed to start and set up an account

Prep Center Rate and Pricing By skrprepsolutions

Cost per unit For Prep Services

(Up to 3 LBS)


1-499 Units Per Month


500-999 Units Per Month


1000+ Units Per Month

Cost per unit includes



Label Removing

Inventory Pictures (If Any Damage)


Shipping Boxes

Small Box $1.75 Up To The Medium Size

Medium $2.50 18"X18"X16"

Large $3.00 18"X18"X24"

X Large $3.50 24"X18"X24"

No Charge For Using Recycled Boxes

Fragile items

Bubble Wrap $.35 Per Foot

Padded Bags $.60 Each

Kraft Paper $.20 Per Foot

Warning Label $0.15 Each

Poly Bag $0.15 Each Standard Size

Poly Bag $0.25-$0.50 Each Custom Size

Monthly Storage By Best Prep Center

Pallet Size 40"X48"X72" $35.00

Pallet Size 40"X48"X48" $20.00

Per Cubic Foot $1.00

Per Item $0.35

Free Storage Up To 10 Days And Prorated After That

Storage Charges Don't Increase During Holiday Seasons

Return: $2.50 Per Item

Cost Per Pack Charges

Cost Pack Of 2 For Prep Services: $1.50

Cost Pack Of 3 For Prep Services: $1.75

Cost Pack Of 4 For Prep Services: $2

Cost Pack Of 5 For Prep Services: $2.25

Terms And Conditions For SKR Prep Solutions Services

  1. We require account creation before commencing Prep Services, which begins upon receiving an approved Shipping Plan and the product’s arrival at our location.
  2. Enjoy complimentary storage for up to 10 days, with prorated rates applied thereafter.
  3. Damaged items will be disposed of after 30 days, unless you provide alternative instructions via email. Any costs incurred while following special instructions will be billed to you.
  4. Extra items will also be disposed of after 30 days, unless you provide alternate disposition instructions via email. Any costs incurred will be your responsibility.
  5. Prep Services FBA reserves the right to withhold inventory for unpaid invoices.
  6. Rest assured, we will not disclose any supplier information to external third parties.